TSIN Launches Additional Online STEM Opportunity for Students

We are pleased to announce an additional educational initiative to empower students with critical STEM skills and ignite their enthusiasm for future STEM careers. We have partnered with technology company EVERFI to provide Endeavor, a unique digital STEM curriculum, to all middle school students in Tennessee at no cost.

“We are pleased to partner with Everfi to offer an additional resource to support middle school students exploration of STEM careers,” said Sandy Watkins, Director of the TSIN. “The Endeavor program introduces students to STEM career opportunities through engaging, online modules focused on engineering design and student innovation.”

“We are at a critical point nationwide where STEM skills are not only highly-valued but also necessary to drive innovation and compete in the workforce,” said EVERFI Co-founder and President of Global Partnerships Jon Chapman. “This partnership with the TSIN allows us to inspire the next generation of innovators for the state of Tennessee and the country.”

The Endeavor program consists of career exploration activities and interactive modules, including:

  • ‘About Me’– Learners complete an interactive self- assessment where they dig deeper into their interests, skills, and aptitudes. They then connect their resulting STEM profile to several STEM career opportunities.
  • STEM Career Field Guide – Learners explore different career opportunities based on their interests, skills, and course progress.
  • Learning Modules – Each learning module exposes students to STEM careers through engaging, interactive activities. These modules include:

The Future of Manufacturing: Learners explore advanced manufacturing techniques by designing and rapidly prototyping a custom sneaker. Through iterative design, students will link the design process to the high-tech manufacturing techniques shaping the future of production.

Connecting the Home of the Future: Learners will explore the world to come by calibrating a connected home. Using a variety of data sources to achieve optimal settings, students will adjust their smart thermostat, lighting control system, and intelligent refrigerator and make cost and energy efficiency decisions.

Building the Perfect Playlist: Learners act as curation engineers at a music software company, analyzing content and user data to determine a perfect playlist. Along the way, they learn about how recommendation engines collect information about users from online behavior.

Medical Machines: Learners act as doctors, analyzing patient information to make an informed diagnosis and treatment plan. Throughout the module, they learn about current medical technologies.

Additional modules are in development with plans to make them available to students. To register for an Endeavor account, Tennessee educators can go to everfi.com/newteacher, or reach out to a local schools manager for a brief tutorial: Mike Oliver (moliver@everfi.com) or Alana Teller (ateller@everfi.com).


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