Tennessee Department of Transportation STEM Teacher Workshop

LMS 14The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is excited to invite you to a Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM) Teacher Training Workshop scheduled for August 3, 2017, in Nashville.

TDOT understands the importance of STEM support for teachers in Tennessee. Thus, they have created the TDOT TRAC (TRAnsportation and Civil Engineering) Program, which provides STEM-based resources and activities to teachers free of charge. The TDOT TRAC Program just completed its first year of implementation. Through this program, hundreds of Tennessee students have been exposed to STEM related material, technology, and careers. By providing hands-on activities and engaging students in solving real-world problems, TDOT TRAC connects students to the working world of transportation and hopes to inspire them to consider careers in transportation and civil engineering.

During the STEM Teacher Training Workshop on 8/3/17, teachers will receive explanations of the three (3) TRAC modules: Bridge Builder, Roadway Design & Construction, and Magnetic Levitation, tips on implementation, and even participate in a tour of TDOT’s Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Facility. Upon completion of the workshop, teachers will receive a module(s) with materials for scientific experiments, computer software used by engineers, and a teacher’s manual with step-by-step instructions. (Please note that lunch will be included.)


To sign up, please visit the TDOT website and complete the online registration form under the “Summer Teacher Training” tab: https://www.tn.gov/tdot/topic/trac-program. Please register by July 13, 2017. Additional information will be provided after registering and closer to the training day.

Please contact Kiersten Pannell or Paige Harris if you have any questions or would like additional information.


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  1. William H. Moss says:

    I would like to discuss this program with one of you. We are interested in implementing in Wilson County.

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