MakerMinded: New Competition Year. New Opportunities.

MakerMinded is an online platform that connects students and teachers with leading STEM activities, competitions and field trips. For each activity completed, schools earn points on the live leaderboard. We were delighted to have over 150 schools across the state of Tennessee engage with the MakerMinded platform during the pilot year. From local STEM competitions to manufacturing tours, schools across the state earned points for completing over 1600 STEM activities. After listening to the feedback from teachers last year, we made several new enhancements to the platform and points system over the summer, with more to come in the coming month!

The 6 schools with the most points for the 2016-2017 school year were recognized at the TSIN Summit and won a Virtual Reality kit for their school.

Point System: In May, 40 teachers from across the state visited the Nissan plant in Smyrna as part of the TSIN Summit. After the tour, 10 executives from the company engaged with the teachers and discussed issues in workforce development. During this discussion, the executives consistently messaged a need for a workforce of problem solvers and critical thinkers. To promote this, the point value for each activity on the MakerMinded platform is now based on where the activity falls in Bloom’s Taxonomy – if it requires more critical thinking, it earns more points! There is also a bonus point (“Finley’s Favorite”) if the activity has direct exposure to the advanced manufacturing industry!

Submission Page: We updated the submission page to encourage greater student voice and provide an opportunity for students to critically reflect on their experience. Teachers and students will answer different questions about their experience. Check out the submissions page and Finley, our fearless mascot, will walk you through it! If all students and teachers who participated in the activity log in and submit, your school will earn the most points possible! Just make sure each submitter logs in and adds their own photo, video, or certificate as proof!

Submission Cap: We want to ensure all schools are able to compete equally, regardless of size! For this reason, the maximum number of submissions that schools can enter per activity is 25. We encourage schools to participate in a wide variety of activities on the MakerMinded site to earn the most points possible!

Activity Map and Calendar: Teachers and students can now find activities that are close to them and connect with local STEM professionals and organizations by using the “Local Activities” button on the activities page. Additionally, the new Calendar will feature the dates for upcoming STEM activities, events and competitions across the state of Tennessee.

The MakerMinded 2017-2018 competition is live and we are so excited to see students across the state participating in unique and exciting STEM opportunities!

For more information about MakerMinded, please contact Evan Curran at

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