Visiting Jack Anderson Elementary School

Jack Anderson Elementary School’s STEM lab is a dedicated space for teachers to encourage discovery, critical thinking, exploratory learning, use of technology, and to actively engage our students in hands-on problem solving activities. You can sign up to visit Jack Anderson Elementary School on February 24, 2017 here.

jaesJack Anderson’s 2016-2017 STEM Goals

  • To continue to implement a STEM curriculum that creates STEM literate students who define problems, problem-solve, test, and make improvements both in collaborative teams and individually using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • To fund weekly K-5 STEM problem-solving challenges.
  • To continue free before and after school enrichment opportunities to reach under-represented groups in STEM fields.
  • To continue to provide STEM professional development to support ongoing STEM integration across content areas.
  • To facilitate one STEM speaker per quarter per grade group.
  • To increase STEM community partners to fund the STEM program.


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