West Tennessee MakerMinded Launch A Success!

The TSIN would like to thank everyone who made the MakerMinded West Tennessee Launch at the University of Memphis’ Engineering Day such a great success! Hundreds of local middle and high school students participated in engaging STEM related activities!

“E-Day” is an annual open house event hosted by the Herff College of Engineering at the University of Memphis. Composed of numerous activities such as bio material design challenges, flash building, water filtration, boat races, as well as engineering lab tours, and multiple walk-up activities throughout the college.  Each school who participated earned points in the new STEM/manufacturing focused program MakerMinded, which allows students to compete for prizes like virtual reality systems and STEM camp scholarships.

memphis-makerminded-launch-event-2“I am excited to participate in University of Memphis’ E-Day! There are a lot of activities for students to engage with that build engineering skills. It was fun to compete against other schools,” said one Houston Middle School student.

MakerMinded is a new state wide program created to encourage students to learn more about STEM related careers in middle and high school, particularly those opportunities in the advanced manufacturing field.  Students, teachers, and schools are rewarded for their participation by earning points for each STEM related activity they complete on the MakerMinded activities page.  Many schools have reported that they are already completing a majority of the activities!

The top three middle and top three high schools with the most points at the end of the year earn a virtual reality program for their school that is preloaded with standards-based content for all subject areas.

The schools and teachers with the most participation are also recognized at the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network’s annual Summit.  Students are rewarded as well. Active schools can nominate student leaders to receive a STEM camp scholarship to build on their passion for hands on experiences.

The manufacturing industry is changing rapidly, and with those changes come new jobs. Studies havememphis-makerminded-launch-event-3 shown that if we don’t engage younger generations and get them excited in STEM related careers, we will be facing a skills gap. By 2020, there will be 3 million available jobs and only 1 million people qualified for employment in them. By engaging students early on, we can ensure that they are ready for those opportunities when they are available.

MakerMinded exists to excited students about STEM related careers early in their educational paths, especially opportunities in the advanced manufacturing field. Students, teachers, and parents are encouraged and rewarded for their participation, so sign up today!

If you have questions regarding the MakerMinded program, contact Evan Curran at currane@battelle.org.

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