4th Annual Mini Maker Faire in Nashville Sept. 17

On Saturday, September 17th, the Adventure Science Center will host 4th annual Mini Maker Faire. Modeled after the World Maker Faire New York, Nashville’s Mini Maker Faire provides an opportunity for local creative makers of all ages to showcase their work. The 2016 Mini Maker Faire will include Bot Battles, Power Wheels Racing, and Tinker Garages, among dozens of other demonstrations and workshops. Exhibitors will share their stories and the knowledge of manufacturing and engineering they have learned along the way. This event is cosponsored by Make Nashville, a nonprofit with the mission to provide the community, training, tools, and opportunity for everyone to experience the transformative experience of making.

According to Make Nashville’s President, Matt Kenigson, “Maker Faire is for anyone who loves drones, science, robotics, geek culture, electronics, crafts, cosplay, art, engineering, inventions, watching adultsmini-maker-faire racing beefed up power wheels cars and all around nerdy fun.  It’s about what’s possible.  It leaves participants with a sense of wonder and, hopefully, a desire to make their own amazing creations.”  This is truly a great family day out. The event costs just $5 for adults and $3 for children and can be purchased online or day-of.

This year, The Maker Faire is a featured activity for MakerMinded, a new program designed to increase student interest in Advanced Manufacturing. If you attend or volunteer at The Mini Maker Faire, be sure to create an account on MakerMinded.com to claim your points! There are some awesome prizes for the students and schools with the most points at the end of the year.

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