2017 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest

A Rube Goldberg Machine is a comically involved, complicated invention, laboriously contrived to perform a simple operation. Building a Rube Goldberg Machine incorporates science, technology, engineering and mathematics, not to mention art, teamwork, and perseverance! Students use cooperation and communication to apply their knowledge from across the spectrum of STEM and STEAM-based learning. These tasks cultivate their creativity and critical thinking skills, and immerse them in the engineering design process as they work together to design and test their machine.

rube-1The Rube Goldberg Machine Contest (RGMC) is an annual international competition that challenges teams of students from middle school to college age to compete in building the most elaborate and hilarious Rube Goldberg Machine.  The 2017 contest task is to Apply a Band-Aid® Brand Adhesive Bandage (minimum: 10 steps, maximum: 75 steps).

1st prize is $1500.  2nd prize is $1000. 3rd prize is $500.

Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams’ schools and not to individual team members or team administrators. In the case of home schooled winners, prizes will be awarded to the parent to be used for educational resources.  There is a fee to participate.

Team minimum: 3 students (with the exception of home school children – single entrants accepted). Teachers must fill the role of team administrators (parents in the case of home schooled children).

Team maximum: None. There is no maximum of students per team or teams per school. With the exception of a home school team, all students in a team must attend the same school.

You can register for the contest here.  The competition rules, deadlines and hosting information can be found here.

Plans and Resources for teaching Rube Goldberg style!

rube-2Download these free PDF lesson plans and accompanying resources to help you get started teaching about Rube Goldberg Machines in your classroom, scout group or after-school program! Easily tailored to all ages and grade levels, these STEAM focused lessons support the Next Generation Science Standards.

Download the Rube Goldberg challenge booklet with tips and cartoons for use in the classroom.   You can peruse the gallery of the 2016 winners here.

Hurry though, the deadline to register and still receive a team discount is January 1, 2017!

If your students are working on a complicated invention tag us @theTSIN on social media.  We’d love to see what contraptions you’ve created!

Source: https://www.rubegoldberg.com/

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