Science and Engineering of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Did you know chemistry is a vital part of the game of Curling? Ice-water phase diagrams, water chemistry and equilibrium water vapor pressure come into play in going for the gold. Downhill racers use the latest training technology from wind tunnels to GPS as they apply physics, fluid dynamics, and materials science to optimize their preparation.

The latest installment in the Science of Sports series by NBC Learn explores the science and engineering behind the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. This Emmy Award-winning video series delves into the physics, engineering, chemistry, design and mathematics behind the world’s foremost sporting event. The segments feature a variety of sports stories, as told by some of the world’s top athletes and record holders, along with perspectives and innovative research from leading National Science Foundation supported engineers and scientists. Lesson plans and activities are provided by the NSF and the National Science Teachers Association.

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