Middle TN Hub Sponsors STEM Expo

In April over 200 middle and high school students participated in the second annual STEM EXPO held at Volunteer State Community College. The STEM Expo is a program of the Middle Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub, which promotes STEM teaching and learning in 26 mid-state counties and reaches over 315,000 K-12 students.MdTNSTEMexpo-3 2014

Students from the Hub’s partnering districts presented 82 projects for evaluation. Projects fell into one of five categories: STEM Research, Technology, Engineering I, Engineering II, and Agricultural STEM. Evaluators listened to the students present their projects and carefully reviewed the evaluation criteria in awarding medals. See event photos and list of medal recipients.

Six of the Hub’s business partners, including Adventure Science Center, Stones River National Battlefield, Texas Instruments, Vanderbilt School of Engineering, Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach, and Vernier Technology, provided hands-on STEM learning activities for EXPO attendees. MdTnSTEMExpo-Merrol Hyde Magnet

Students from schools and districts that are partners in the Hub regularly engage in STEM projects involving an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge. These experiences help students practice 21st Century Skills including communication, collaboration, and critical thinking – valuable tools during the evaluation phase of the EXPO.

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