L&N STEM Academy Named 2013 Reward School

The TSIN congratulates L&N STEM Academy on being named a 2013 Reward School for Performance, scoring in the top 5 percent on statewide achievement tests. As a platform school of the TSIN, L&N STEM Academy promotes STEM for All. The school is non-selective (the student body is composed of students who express an interest in attending and are chosen by lottery) and designed to encourage local educational innovation.

Being named a Reward School is a tremendous honor and a testament to the hard work of educators, students, and parents.

Design thinking and collaboration are at the heart of what makes L&N a great place to learn. Below are some photos from the design challenge that L&N used to open the 2013-2014 school year.

Borrowing an activity from the University of Tennessee’s eVOL9 Engineering Camp, the faculty at L&N gave students one 4′ x 8′ piece of foam board, a roll of duct tape, and two hours to design and build a chair that could support 150 lbs. Students created 27 chairs, which were then tested by L&N faculty with varying degrees of success.




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