Students at Innovation Academy adopt Rainbow Trout to study STEM

Last week, students from Innovation Academy of Northeast Tennessee, a platform school of the TSIN, visited the Erwin National Fish Hatchery. Students toured the hatchery and learned about the habitat and life cycle of rainbow trout. Finally, the students got to feed the trout in their outside pond.

But best of all, students returned to their school with a cooler full of rainbow trout eggs. The eggs are being housed in the school’s STEM Labs in equipment donated by Trout Unlimited, an organization that works for the conservation and protection of North America’s cold water fisheries.

The water in the tank will be kept at a cool 50 degrees Fahrenheit to slow the growth process and allow students to care for the trout for the remainder of the school year. In addition to caring for the fish, students will be testing and documenting the water quality daily. Data will be graphed and analyzed.

In the spring, the trout will be released into the wild.

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