STEM School Tours

L & N STEM Academy Tour

There is no better way to learn new teaching and learning strategies than to see STEM in action! Schools across Tennessee are integrating STEM learning in different ways and there are multiple benefits to observing pioneering strategies at work.  Now, finding innovative school models to visit is easier than ever.  TSIN has partnered with schools across the state to provide guided tours during the Fall and Spring.  Tour participants get the chance to see a school’s design, observe instruction inside classrooms, and have conversations with students, teachers, and administrators.

STEM School Tour Benefits

  • Experience new teaching & learning environments
  • Rethink current efforts through reflective conversations
  • Build capacity for leadership across staff
  • Develop new strategies for STEM integration
  • Take home concrete examples of what works

Upcoming Tours

School Date & Time Principal What to Expect!
Moore Magnet Elementary School


1350 Madison St, Clarksville, TN 37040

Thursday, November 8


10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Ptosha Maclin Driven by a strong STEM leadership team, the STEM culture at Moore Magnet is evident throughout the building. From innovative, cross-curricular Project Based Learning (PBL) to flexible learning spaces that encourage student innovation, Moore Magnet is a fantastic example of high quality STEM Instruction at the elementary level.

Join the TSIN, Principal Ptosha Maclin, and members of the STEM Leadership Team for an information session about the development of the STEM culture at Moore Magnet and an interactive tour of the building.

  • Observing and taking what others find to be relevant and adapting that to fit the needs of our own schools and classrooms helps create strong, versatile educators. What do you hope to gain from visiting your selected STEM school?