We are partnering with the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to launch a statewide Design Challenge for Tennessee students.

What is a Design Challenge?

A design challenge is an innovative, inquiry-based approach to learning in which the students are provided a target outcome but limited information about how to achieve it. This approach empowers students to integrate prior knowledge, new discoveries, and the Engineering Design Process (EDP) to achieve the intended outcome. The EDP is a series of steps that promotes effective problem solving, including the development, testing and improvement of a prototype. Through each of these steps, students are learning critical problem solving and process improvement strategies.

2018-2019 Student Design Challenge

The 2018-2019 Student Design Challenge encourages Tennessee students to promote sustainable development in our state through clean energy solutions. Students will work as a team to research sustainable growth strategies and design and prototype a solution to reduce pollution in our state through clean energy. Schools will conduct project expos and then select outstanding projects to participate in a Statewide Expo in Nashville in Spring 2019.

By registering for the Design Challenge, you will receive a complete Starter Kit to roll out the challenge at your school. This packet includes:

  • A Design Challenge Mission Brief to excite your students about the challenge
  • A Clean Energy Resources Kit to provide guidance for your students
  • A Design Process One Pager
  • A Tennessee Science Standards Alignment Guide
  • Schoolwide Expo Suggestions

Statewide Design Challenge

Register here to receive the Statewide Design Challenge Starter Kit!