Tennessee STEM School Designation
Tennessee STEM School Designation was developed to provide a “roadmap” for schools to successfully implement a STEM education plan at the local level. The tools and resources created define the attributes necessary for a school to create a comprehensive STEM learning environment for its students. All K–12 schools serving students in Tennessee are eligible.

Attributes of STEM
Identifies the essential components of a well-rounded STEM program, allowing time for leadership teams to design a strategic plan for the building level.

Purposeful Partnerships
Teachers and leaders engage in a local asset mapping activity to identify potential community partners that could enhance student learning experiences.

Putting Students in the Driver’s Seat
Research shows students retain far more of what they learn by doing and teaching others. The strategies incorporated into PBL training encourage student learning by doing while connecting content standards to authentic learning experiences.

From First Gear to Engineer
Engineers apply connected learning from multiple disciplines to design solutions to real-world problems. Activities in which students play the role of engineers in a design challenge are an exciting way to grab their attention and foster a growth mindset.

Courageous Leadership: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
Leadership teams can be the catalyst for change; inspire your faculty and transform classroom practices from traditional to innovative learning environments.