The TSIN Mini-grant Program, sponsored by the Tennessee Valley Authority, is designed to fund STEM learning projects in Tennessee classrooms and schools. Since 2012, TVA has given back more than $1 million to advance STEM activities in Tennessee, including this latest $60,000 gift to the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network to fund these classroom grants.

“The Tennessee Valley Authority understands that excellence in education is the key to our future,” said TVA vice president Justin Maierhofer. “We support initiatives like the STEM schools that develop a talent pipeline for TVA and its customers.”

About the Minigrants:

Eligible applicants are teachers or school administrators in grades K through 12 in schools located in Tennessee.

Grant funding may be used to purchase STEM instructional materials and equipment, which must then become local school resources.  Some examples of allowable STEM instructional materials and equipment include: a) Science and Engineering kits (FOSS, DELTA, Engineering is Elementary, etc.);  b) Books or ebook licenses for teachers and students; c) Instrumentation for classroom use such as balances, microscopes, cameras, math manipulatives, rock samples, magnifying glasses, beakers, etc.;  d) Technology for classroom use such as Chromebooks, scientific calculators, GPS units, weather stations, etc.  Please note that the allowable materials and equipment eligible for request are restricted to EXCLUDE: a) furniture (bookshelves, carts, tables, whiteboards, etc.); b) consumable supplies (crayons, markers, erasers, paper, glue, etc.); and c) cash or gift cards.  Additionally, grants may not be allocated for travel, lodging, transportation, meals, salaries, food, general office supplies, sports, or educational activities unrelated to STEM.

Minigrants will be available in the fall of 2017. Please check back for more information as it becomes available. 

STEM Excellence Awards

The STEM Excellence Awards are designed to recognize a phenomenal teacher, a leader of a school, district, or regional/state organization, and an exceptional advocate for STEM education. Tennessee’s recent successes in STEM are due to the combined efforts of strong teachers in the classroom, innovative school and district/regional leaders, and advocates that place STEM on the top of their priority list.  The STEM Excellence Awards seek to recognize one awardee in each of the following areas: Excellence in STEM Teaching, Excellence in STEM Leadership, and Excellence in STEM Advocacy. Awardees are honored at the annual TN STEM Innovation Summit.

Goals of the Program

  • Promote effective teaching strategies by recognizing and rewarding quality STEM teachers
  • Highlight effective advocacy partnerships at the local and state levels
  • Share strategies for creating an innovative STEM culture within a school building/district/region

STEM Excellence award nominations will be open in the Spring of 2018. Please check back for more information as it becomes available.