Unit Plan, Lesson Plan, and Rubric – from Innovation Academy

The faculty of Innovation Academy believes a project-based, problem-based curriculum best prepares our students to be college and career ready. Our students study subjects through an integrated approach that will enable them to see all knowledge as connected, rather than separated into discrete disciplines. Our lessons encourage our students to explore and question, think critically, solve complex problems, and communicate effectively in a digital world. Innovation Academy’s curriculum is directly connected to the real world work being done by scientists, engineers, strategists, and innovators.

We feel it is important for all students to experience a STEM education. We invite teachers to visit our website and use our STEM Curricular Unit Plans to engage students in authentic, real-world problem based lessons. We have also created templates and charts to provide educators with the essential tools they need to create their own STEM curricular units.

Please click here to download the Unit Plan, Lesson Plan, and Rubric document: IA Unit Plan Lesson Plan and Rubric