Technology Resources from STEM School Chattanooga

Primary Resources for Students and Parents

EDMODO is used frequently by everyone at the school for posting announcements and assignments. It provides a safe and easy way to connect and collaborate, share content, and access assignments and school notices. This is where students can ask questions and receive feedback from teachers and other students. Edmodo is also where students and parents can see ALL THE ASSIGNMENTS that students must work on for each class. There is a calendar that provides a simple and quick look at what has been assigned and what is forthcoming. Also, just like Facebook, announcements and upcoming events are constantly posted on Edmodo in the school forum. Edmodo is the most important resource to check for school communications and activities. Parents should contact the school for their own parent account.

EVERNOTE is a Cloud-based app used for archiving and sharing documents across platforms. Evernote is where students keep all of their work. Students will have folders for each of their different classes. Evernote provides teachers the opportunity to view student work and provide feedback on the work when necessitated. Parents who want to check student work completion should look in the student’s Evernote account.

BOOKEO is used for scheduling. Students use Bookeo to schedule their classes at the beginning of each unit. Student class schedules will change each unit and students are responsible for creating their class structure. Bookeo is also used for scheduling Student-Led Conferences during parent conference days throughout the year. Parents do not need an account, as the scheduling is done through student Bookeo accounts.


Primary Resources for Students

PAGES is a word processing application that includes: paragraph and character styles, formatting, various documents with section, layout, page breaks, advanced writing tools, outline mode, spell checker and proofreader, word count and automatic page numbering.  Most papers written by students are completed using Pages.

KEYNOTE is a presentation application which makes it easy to create, deliver, and share stunning presentations. This is the main presentation program students will use throughout the year.

GOODNOTES is an app used by students to write notes, annotate pdf documents, and edit work. Goodnotes is used consistently each day for students in their work. Students use Goodnotes from solving math problems to making graphic organizers.


Library Resources

provides access to the Gale Databases from the Tennessee Electronic Library. Path=Tennessee>Chattanooga>STEM School of Chattanooga. Tap Enter. See your teacher or contact Lori Warren at Chattanooga State for the password.

can generate citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, and Chicago Turabian styles. Though it is easy to use, students should always review the final citation for errors.


Other Apps Used Daily

  • Apps gone Free: Find the latest apps on sale or free for the day
  • Calendar: Sync dates, alerts, and reminders across all platforms
  • Camera: Quickly captures audio and video recordings
  • Google Chrome Browser: Browse the Web and save bookmarks across platforms
  • Google Earth: Explore the world from street level and beyond
  • HMH Fuse book app: Math textbook in an interactive app using videos, practice problems, and formative assessment
  • Movie: Create and edit original movies and videos
  • TED: iPad Explorer and Player for TED videos
  • iTunes: Access and listen to podcasts, news recordings and music
  • ITunesU: Online courses and resources
  • Notes: Simple note taking app
  • Photoshop Express: Create and edit digital photographs
  • Pic collage: Create collages of pictures using text, images, and graphics
  • Prezi: Create online multimedia timelines and presentations
  • PowerOne SL calculator: Calculate and graph complex equations
  • Puffin: Web Browser for Flash media
  • Safari Browser: Browse the Web
  • Titan player: Watch videos offline without internet
  • Wolfram Alpha: Access facts and calculate answers across topics in science, math, engineering, and other subject areas

IPADS IN EDUCATION is a guide created with input from the STEM students.