Roller Coaster Proposal Activity with Sample

The board of directors at Lake Winnepesaukah recently drafted new goals for the future of their amusement park.  Having long been a local attraction, the coming years will see the strategy shift to attracting business from a larger region of customers.  In order to do this, a new rollercoaster must be developed that exceeds the offerings of the competition.  With this in mind, we ask that your engineering students brainstorm, design and develop a prototype to the following specifications:

  1. Our research has determined that speed is a primary factor in the popularity of a ride.  We wish to see prototypes that maximize the speed of the passengers.
  2. Our research has also determined that safety is also a key concern of patrons.  The prototype should be able to deliver passengers to a quick, safe stop at the station.  To simulate this we expect the prototype passenger vehicle (an orb) to be delivered into a freestanding cup without knocking the cup over.
  3. Profit is enhanced when materials are used responsibly.  Use only what you absolutely need to deliver a great ride experience.  Track should only be used in complete sections.  Tape usage will be limited to one roll.
  4. Variation in the ride experience is also a factor in customer enjoyment.
  5. Customers do not like to wait in line.  The more customers that can be in the passenger vehicle at a time, the quicker the line can move.  A premium will be placed on the maximum safe mass of the vehicle.  In your prototypes, the vehicle should be simulated through the use of orbs of different masses but similar sizes.

Download the full roller coaster request for proposals here: Roller-Coaster-Proposal-Activity-with-Sample
This content provided by the NE STEM Innovation Hub in Chattanooga, TN