Learning Blade: Eye-Opening Career Interest for Students

What if your students could make real-world decisions that an architect makes when designing an earthquake resistant bridge?  What if students could act as a physician and calculate the exact dosage a patient would need to take of a certain medication based on their height and weight?  With Learning Blade, these scenarios and many others like them can be utilized to excite and inspire our students about future STEM careers.

Students not only witness steps taken by many STEM professionals, they are immersed in how these professionals use STEM practices every day.  We know students’ career perceptions begin as early middle school. Why not tap into that curiosity and have students explore as many career options as possible in their formative years?

Learning Blade is a supplemental STEM curriculum that has been made available by TSIN for free for all students in grades 6-8.  There is no extra time needed from teachers to connect the lessons in the curriculum to their current subject area or college and career standards.  Learning Blade has done that for you!  You can also track student progress as they work through the online lessons by standard and student.

In my own classroom, students who never before thought they could work in a STEM field have had their eyes opened to the possibilities of job within our own state.  One of my 7th grade students thought that he/she wanted to become a programmer.  Now after the “Robotic Arm” mission in Learning Blade, my student now knows that he/she wants to work in a field programming machines that create prosthetic limbs.

My student’s mind shifted from not knowing what area of study he or she was interested in to a genuine interest in a STEM career that can help guide the courses he or she will take in high school.

By Brandi Stroecker

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