We are pleased to make available two comprehensive STEM career awareness programs for middle school students in Tennessee.

Endeavor, by Everfi, is a first-of-its-kind interactive program designed for middle school students — where the ground for STEM literacy and career exploration is most fertile. Learners engage with interactive content that reinforces key STEM skills while exploring exciting STEM careers that await!

To register for a free Endeavor account, Tennessee educators can go to everfi.com/newteacher, or reach out to a local schools manager for a brief tutorial: Mike Oliver (moliver@everif.com) or Alana Teller (ateller@everfi.com).

Course Highlights

  • Interactive activities that reinforce critical STEM topics
  • Insight into student skills, interests, and aptitudes, and
    how they might connect to exciting STEM careers
  • Scaffolded hints and just-in-time instruction that
    provide targeted feedback to learners in need
  • Personalized takeaway with student interests, skills,
    aptitudes, and relevant careers

Learning Blade® introduces STEM opportunities to students in a novel online format that introduces STEM careers and technologies. It also demonstrates the relevance of academic skills to STEM careers and provides real-world examples of the use of math and ELA skills in practical situations.

3D Printable Lessons and Hands-On Mission Challenges

The Learning Blade® Maker Quests offer students practice in 3D printing and testing procedures used in automotive design prototyping, coding an artistic path, and applying understanding of prosthetics to real world engineering design.

The Mission Challenges provide tools to extend Learning Blade® in the classroom using interactive, group and/or problem-based challenges allow the student to provide open-ended responses that show how he or she would solve problems related to those posed in the corresponding online mission, or to construct small projects that feature science and technology concepts from the mission.

Learn more at www.learningblade.com